Elio Acosta – Never Let You Down

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Single Review by EDF

As we all know, pop music is being saturated by a countless number of boy and girl groups and solo artists specially catering for the ten year-old music buyer. Elio Acosta, born in South America and raised in San Francisco, is now based in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles. The former lead singer with the Latino N’SYNC like Je’No, is gearing himself up for a solo career with these three co-written tracks.

NEVER LET YOU DOWN sounds a bit messy as it moves from a mid pace girl yearning track to a manic ragga like middle section that sounds totally out of place. I JUST WANNA is about rocking his girl’s world to a slow, Latin acoustic guitar like melody. CAN’T STOP is the best track here, thanks to the rhythmic beats enabling Acosta to show off his fine vocal range.

Whether Acosta becomes as big a star like the Justin Timberlake’s of the world is anybody’s guess.

4 stars