Ellee Ven – The Eleventh Hour

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Album Review by EDF

Ellee Ven, a Los Angeles based singer / songwriter, seems to have a few musical tricks up her sleeve but what she produces guarantees quality results. Ellee Ven, whose real name is Jessica Kunin, chose her stage name from her favourite number – eleven. While at college, Ellee Ven launched her own record label, Hot Sauce Records. With a multi-cultural background consisting of Spanish, Greek, German, Russian and Italian heritages, this release can only be both interesting and exciting.

One word to describe the title track MAGIC is funky. With a professional production job equal to any other commercial release, this track is a must for any radio station’s play list. ANOTHER PAGE is a slice of pop with a Latino feel. With its catchy chorus, this track is sure to move a few feet, even those who don’t admit to such a thing.

The musically sparse WONDER WHERE THESE ROADS WILL LEAD is enhanced with troubled questions from someone at the crossroads of their life. DID I SAY TOO MUCH, with that Latino feel again, is the sort of song Jennifer Lopez would kill to record and the unfortunately for J Lo this sort of song would be too good for her. The funky guitar hook and soulful harmonies of LOVE’S ILLUSIONS and WHAT WOULD I SAY would be the sort of ballads best sampled late at night with your partner.

There is no doubt that Ellee Ven is a talent who is waiting to be discovered and signed to a major record label. The uncompromising truthful lyrics and sweet vocals make every play of this album a treat.

6 stars