Elsie Law – Fly Or Die

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Music Review by EDF

Once in a while a CD drops through the letterbox and just what comes out from the speakers is a surprise indeed. The first thing you notice with this EP from Brooklyn rap starlet Elsie Law is that it sounds and even tastes as if it is from the street. Unlike the more famous hip hop artists around, what Elsie writes about is everyday life and the beats that compliment the tunes are some of the best I have heard in a long while.

Beginning with the different meanings of the verbs “fly” and “die”, this sets up the scene as to what to expect in the world that Elsie lives in. The Eminem like “Those Little Piggies” tell us what happens when Elsie’s path is crossed by some corrupt cops. “Mother’s Day” is the sad reality of what happens if a woman becomes pregnant and the man runs out on her. The title track recounts the sort of path that someone from the street could take and it sounds like the plot for a movie shrunk down to 3.27. Do yourself a favour and check out what Elsie Law has produced. It sounds so fresh it will surprise you.

5 stars