Eminem – Encore

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Album Review by EDF

Within the first couple of minutes of this album, you are instantly dragged into Eminem’s world and it is oh so familiar. While he is verbally attacking both of his parents again on EVIL DEEDS, he has not lost that knack of making it sound entertaining. YELLOW BRICK ROAD is like a prequel to his 8 MILE movie and LIKE TOY SOLDIER tries to make amends with other rappers before it is too late and somebody ends up dead. Instead on MOSH, Eminem turns his attention to George Bush Jr and yet again his ex girlfriend Kim on PUKE. Those that are expecting more fun tracks like JUST LOSE IT will be disappointed as the rest of the album sounds like Eminem is spending the time getting a lot of issues off his chest.

Eminem fans will enjoy this ENCORE. There might not be much here that is different compared to Eminem’s previous album but this is hard to ignore when it is business as usual.

4 stars