Emma Holland – Play On

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Album Review by EDF

Following on from her catchy debut single FROM NOW ON, Emma Holland from Dorking, UK, releases her album PLAY ON. Growing up, listening to groups such as Abba to The Police, it is no surprise that her lyrics tell a story. Apparently some of the tracks are autobiographical, which makes listening to this album all the more interesting. At the age of 16, Emma left school and travelled around Europe until ending up in Ibiza, tending bar and enjoying what life had to offer there. After being constantly told that she had a great singing voice, she eventually got a publishing deal and later on a record deal.

FROM NOW ON is the confusion over a relationship and trying to make it work. Both Jennifer Love Hewitt and Faith Hill have expressed interest in recording IF I FALL but Emma has kept the song herself for this album, which could possibly be released as a single. FEAR OF FLYING is one of those familiar stretching oneself type songs.

Both the Prince influenced COMING DOWN and SUNSHINE features elements of an old school vibe while still sounding modern. LATELY has an element of reggae to a backdrop of recounting memories. YOU TAUGHT ME reflects back to Emma’s past with her mother and the tragedy that followed her passing. It’s all not serious when the dance influenced SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND kicks in, showing off Emma’s saucy, fun side.

It would be hard not to compare Emma to Dido but you could easily play both artists together, even though Emma has a better voice. Emma has no problems with writing a tune, so whether or not this album takes off, she’ll have people knocking on door looking for a decent song. This album is not something that the kids will take to but this is definitely one for the more mature listener.

5 stars