Emporium – Hallucinations

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Album Review by EDF

Keeping to the tradition of classic BEACH BOYS / XTC style harmonies comes Edinburgh based band, Emporium. HALLUCINATIONS is an eleven-track collection bring together tracks recorded at their home studio.

SHINE, a remixed version to the one that appeared on the LISA ON THE SCREEN single, sets the album up with a mellow tone. This is typical of what you can expect from the group. With hypnotic harmonies and lush keyboard strings, this is complimented with sing-a-long choruses that get lodged into your head. This is evident on tacks such as ZOMBIE, a single that gained a few plays on national radio stations. SALISBURY PLAIN, probably the best track here, almost transports you to the place in question which details everyday events there and no matter where you go, there is no doubt that you will return back there some day. LISA ON THE SCREEN, a story about Lisa looking for the film deal that will make her famous. This track has had some airplay around Europe and the States.

Unfortunately, there are a few numbers relying a bit too much on the same keyboard sound and some of these can get a bit monotonous at times. BEHIND THE VEIL is one of these culprits and so is PARODY, a track that makes the listener notice the drum machine a bit more. This instrument is all well and good but for this particular track, it sounds over used and intrusive.

Emporium has a way of producing instantly recognisable pop tunes with an air of familiarity that makes you sit and listen. Overall though, while the vocal harmonies cannot be faulted, a bit more variety could add some texture to their sound. THE DOWNSIDE hints at what Emporium are capable of and hopefully in the future they will deliver.

4 stars