E T Doolin – E T Doolin

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Album Review by EDF

Elvis might have left the building but Rock And Roll is still alive and kicking, thanks to artists such as E T Doolin who unreservedly embrace it. Doolin was raised in both Israel and New York and no matter where he was in the world; Doolin would take his love of music with him. Doolin wrote his first song when he was 3, studied classical guitar at 10 and played bass in a jazz band at 14. As if that were not enough, he also taught himself piano, mandolin and harmonica.

This album plays like a lost Beatles album from around 1964 / 1965. From the opening I DON’T WANT WHAT I NEED to COME ON, HANNAH, these songs only reaffirm how much an influence those four guys from Liverpool had. Even the closing track WAITING FOR THE NIGHT is a nod towards a playful Crowded House. At times Doolin’s vocal struggles on some of the shouty high notes but makes up with passion throughout.

To pinpoint the sort of music on offer, this is like The Beatles before the drugs kicked in. What is basically a two-man operation, Doolin has help from fellow musician Amit Poznansky, the melodies and harmonies somehow fill out any gaps that would hamper such minimalist recordings. This is basically a bridge between good old-fashioned Rock And Roll and 1960’s Beat music. It is hard to dislike what is basically a fun album.

5 stars