Everclear – Songs From An American Movie Volume 1: Learning How To Smile

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Quality rock band Everclear are back with the first of two albums they are intending to release this year. SONGS FROM AN AMERICAN MOVIE VOL 1: LEARNING HOW TO SMILE is a little softer on some tracks than you might expect but even then this album has a great overall sound that really shows Everclear’s versatility.

Their first EP was released back in 1993, but their first single was the memorable THE FIRE MAPLE SONG. Other highlights in this multi-platinum band’s career have been the 1995 release ‘SPARKLE AND FADE and the rock hit SANTA MONICA. 1997 bought SO MUCH FOR THE AFTERGLOW and the single EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE.

We could say we wish there wasn’t the wait between albums, but this time there’s not, as their second album release of 2000 is on its way. Word is that they will be back with pure power rock.

Don’t wait for that though as this VOLUME 1 release is an excellent album not to miss.

4 stars