Everyday Heroes – Different Like Everyone Else

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EP Review by Kris Griffiths

The Everyday Heroes are three lads from Columbus, Ohio: Mick Savage, Zac Szymusiak and Kyle Mckee. Their music is pop punk combining melody with discordance. DIFFERENT, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE was recorded in December and January of 2000/01 and sees the boys laying down the foundations of their musical future.

Track two sadly exposes the limited vocal range of the front man whilst effectively introducing some piano somewhere into the mix. Despite some of the guitars needing tuning in A GIRL CALLED LOVE, its bouncing stomp is very catchy and reminiscent of Irish indie band Ash. PO-GO commences with a football chant beat and some Doors-esque keyboards that pop up elsewhere in the song. Also popping up is a guitar solo that has ‘needs improvement’ written all over it. The Kinks-like riffola of AUDIAC ARREST pretty much sums up the basic but promising melodies of this threesome. Some of the vocals need to be seriously polished but the musicianship seems pretty sound. The only way is up from here.

3 stars