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Album Review by EDF

Well here’s something that I do not come across every day – my first review of a CD all the way from Russia. You would never guess it but this is quite good. Sounding like a mix of SUPERGRASS meets ASH, this will surprise anyone purchasing this.

FEDIA aka Feodor Lavrov from St. Petersburg is virtually a one-man band and the opening track, NAME, is a blistering guitar pop track that would easily hit the Top 40 charts if it was ever released. NO STRANGERS sounds like it comes from the old school of OASIS with the sort of chorus that Noel Gallagher would give his writing arm for. SMACK THE TASTE, with a memorable guitar riff, sounds like the sort of song NEW ORDER’s Bernard Sumner would write, as if he was a man who was possessed into making a cracking tune. CRY FOR JOY has a very English feel as FEDIA expresses his feelings to his woman. Before you think you know what to expect next, along comes LA VICTORIA, which is best described as a dance track with an 80’s feel to it with another memorable chorus.

If I were to find fault with this release, it would be that the vocals on a small number of tracks could have been mixed a little better. Don’t get me wrong, the production on these songs are great considering that one doesn’t know what to expect. This is one hell of an enjoyable album and it puts some of our own groups to shame. Now if only somebody would sign FEDIA up.

6 stars