Ferry Corsten – Punk

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Despite being an almost omnipresent figure on the UK dance scene, producer of the TRANCE NATION series, and remixer of tracks for bands like U2, this is the first time Dutch DJ Ferry Corsten has emerged from behind his System F alias and released a record under his own name.

Unsurprisingly, the 26-year-old has crafted a tune that is very ‘now’ – everyone seems to be getting 80s retro at the moment, and PUNK is no exception. Deep, wet bass, thick electro synths and robot vocals…no doubt everyone who thinks they’ve recently rediscovered Gary Numan will love this.

Accompanying the single are usual lengthy trance remixes, but they are fairly superfluous. Nothing staggeringly original, then, but entertaining while it lasts.

3 stars