Freax – Freax

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Album Review by EDF

Riding in on a wave, a sound wave if you please, that sounds like it was probably created by the ship called Marilyn Manson come Freax, a five piece from Pompano Beach, Florida who celebrates sex and fetishes. Using a basic mixture of Marilyn Manson shock subjects about junkies, THIEF OF CHARM and child abuse on the sleazy GIRL CHILD and a production that Trent Reznor would be humbled with, Freax sound like they are out to stand apart from the usual pop metal that seem to doing the rounds at the moment.

It’s a shame that we have to wait until the third track TOY SOUL before we find any real indication of lead singer’s Keith Caputo song writing abilities. ICE further confirms this while PALE lyrically would not sound out of place if it were performed by Nirvana. The almost touching HUMAN COMEDY slows the pace a little while EVERY KIND OF THING FOR YOU has a surprising Moroccan feel to it. One of the let downs of this album is that the vocals are more often than not given a tone effect that makes listening to this a little bit tiresome. On CUT TO DEEP, while there is a slight vocal effect, it’s not too intrusive to the rest of the song. Even though some of the tracks are a bit on the dark side, there is evidence here that Freax are a band to watch out for.

4 stars