Freda Rente – Where’s My Water

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Album Review by EDF

Freda Rente, hailing from San Pedro, California is a thinker. With a lot of beliefs such as how one should treat others and how others treat us are one of her concerns. Another is how much should one give of one’s self and how much one should take. Freda, with her unique vocal style and harmonies, uses a varied mix of musical genres from the experimentally sparse, that reminds this reviewer of early Banshees and The Cure, to hints of punk, funk, rock, jazz, classical and pop.

LIES, a song about how the betrayal from a person leads to hurtful lies, is probably the most dramatic sounding track on the album. TONIGHT features Dave Widow as a guest guitarist. In fact most of the guitar work features a host of different guitarists throughout this 22 track CD. LUV TASTY, with its driving dance beat, vocally is reminiscent of early Donna Summer records. KISS MY BUTT is a scathing attack at politicians performed A Cappella style with some good harmonies. LEPRECHAUN another complete solo effort from Freda on acoustic guitar is probably the best track on the album.

An interesting thing to note is that not only did Freda play most of the instruments featured, she also produced the album as well. This is where the songs lose out as the production does not do Freda’s decent vocals any justice. The songs are there and with better instrumentation this album would gain a bit more attention. This is highlighted even more with the two tracks THE WHALE SONG and THERE’S A WORD. The sound and production are a lot better due to the presence of instrumentalists fleshing out Freda’s sound. This album works as a showcase for Freda’s songs, so it will be interesting to she what she comes up with next.

3 stars