Fred Caporale – Homecoming

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Album Review by EDF

Every now and then, a classy CD will fall into my lap to review and at times words cannot describe how good it is. This is not an excuse for what might follow but all that I will say is that if you love jazz then this is one CD you should check out.

Fred Caporale plays both the muted trumpet and flugelhorn as well as keyboards, although not all at the same time. Some people might call this music chill-out but what it really is is a fresh approach to traditional jazz instrumentals that is extremely relaxing to listen to. A pleasant surprise here on two tracks is the guest vocalist and lyricist Melissa Curiale, who adds an extra touch to the proceedings to make YOU WON’T SURVIVE sound classier than STEELY DAN. Try not to be impressed by how Caporale’s playing on MOURNFUL SPIRIT doesn’t sound like he’s speaking to you through his playing.

There is no doubt that this is mood music and with that in mind, it could have sounded terrible. It is obvious listening to this that Caporale has been mastering his craft for a very long time and this CD is his labour of love. This release is already causing a stir on the internet and so it should. More please, Mr Caporale.

6 stars