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Concert Review by Jamie Homer

The Dublin Castle – 2005

After listening to FULC’s first full-length studio album BITING INSOMNIA, I had to confess I was excited to hear them live. And further, to find out whether their live performance could match the energy and melodic sounds captured in their studio sound. Last Wednesday night I got that chance.

FULC, a four-piece ensemble of tight, hard working musicians from Leeds, is best described as un-describable. They have been coined “nu grunge”, “new age grunge rock with metallic tendencies” and “quiet loud quiet loud rock”. Whatever genre you feel compelled to place these lads in, one thing is certain: they are powerful performers with a fresh sound who bring amazing amounts of energy to the stage.

Last Wednesday at the Dublin Castle, famous first home for the likes of Oasis, Madness and Travis, FULC stepped onto the stage at the unlikely hour of 10:35 pm. Unfortunately the late hour killed the atmosphere of the club; most people having long since left for the last tube of the evening. The two supporting bands, TEMPLE and STONERS, commanded at least double the people.

But despite all of this, the 17 loyal people who decided to stay were treated to a gig that was energetic and fun. FULC have the ability to transport you somewhere else: into a bigger venue, to a larger stage, to a bouncing mosh pit of your mind. That I think is the beauty of FULC, their music comes across as bigger than they do. At one point Duane Walker’s vocals are taking you down a peaceful river of delicate melodies and the next his hauntingly psychotic eyes are simultaneously creeping you out and blowing you away with his strength of voice. Rick Clay’s lead guitar erupts in an explosion of madness and Kris Kilmore’s dynamic bass and stage performance is captivating. There is no doubt that the energy of FULC’s music comes directly from their abilities as performers and from the simple love of gigging.

With a hint of Korn, Tool, Nirvana and Alice in Chains, the set consists entirely of new material that will be released sometime this February. Songs like OWES NOTHING, SYSTEMS, and ENTRAPMENT were great tracks and my personal favourites. The sound remains consistent and equally as powerful as their earlier work. In this day and age of one off wonders, of bands with no ability to capture their studio sound live, FULC does not disappoint. I eagerly await the release of the second album and am hopeful it will be as powerful and spooky as the first.

I did enjoy the show. I wish there had of been more people to enjoy it with me. Despite this, the energy of the performance was not affected and I would urge you to check these guys out while they are playing small venues, because they are destined for bigger and better things.