Fulc – Embrace.Destroy

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EP Review by Mark Bayross

FULC’s debut album BITING INSOMNIA was deservedly well-received and now the band have chosen to follow it up with a six-track mini-album that they say demonstrates “a real progression, development and maturity”. Well I seem to remember being pretty impressed by BITING INSOMNIA but, progression or not, EMBRACE.DESTROY is a worthy mini-sequel.

The six tracks here deliver a similar dropkick to the solar plexus as the album – explosive guitars, thudding drums, tons of melody and Duane Walker’s powerful vocals that sound more Orange County than his native Leeds. The stand-out is probably WASTING, a tornado of drums, guitars and soaring vocals that could fill stadiums rather than the UK pub circuit where FULC currently find themselves.

There are hints of everyone from Tool to Korn to Soundgarden here, and, as with their previous releases, an intensity and drama that should see FULC put themselves up there with the rock and metal elite.

5 stars