Funeral For A Friend – Escape Artists Never Die

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

If the Hottest New Band In Britain (© Kerrang! 2003) really can’t be doing with the hassle of choosing singles, then at least they have the good people at Infectious Records to choose for them, and whoever the Head of Unit-Shifting is, he or she has certainly picked a winner.

Catchy as hell and devoid of much of the screamo element that tends to scare off the producers of bland, corporate-sponsored mainstream UK music television shows, ESCAPE ARTISTS NEVER DIE must have Funeral’s record company wondering if this doesn’t get them on CD:UK, what will? Not that the lads give a toss, although Matt’s fondness for Cat Deeley must hold some sway.

Of course, ESCAPE ARTISTS… was on the FOUR WAYS TO SCREAM YOUR NAME EP as well as last year’s fantastic debut album, so in order not to short-change fans, the single comes as a CD with two new songs – 10 SCENE POINTS TO THE WINNER and YOU WANT ROMANCE? – along with a video for the latter and also for the title track. In addition, there’s a 7” and a DVD with some additional live footage. By the way, the thunderous 10 SCENE POINTS… is worth the purchase on its own.So, another killer single to join the two that went Top 20, an upcoming tour with an incredible supporting line-up (THE RAPTURE, THE VON BONDIES and FRANZ FERDINAND, at least two of whom should be headlining the Astoria themselves within a year) and a monumental year behind them of rampant press attention and triumphant festival shows and live tours…

FFAF’s absence from the telly is starting to look embarrassing.

5 stars