Garbage – Androgyny

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Single Reviews by Nigel A. Messenger, EDF and Mark Bayross

Review by Nigel A. Messenger

I’ve heard other reviewers here at PHASE9 say that the first time you listen to ‘Androgyny’ you have to stop and adjust your preconceptions of what you expect a Garbage song to be like.

For me though it was like an instant magnetic attraction.

I loved it immediately and its obvious why it’s the first single release from the new album BEAUTIFULGARBAGE which is out in October.

‘Androgyny’ is enough like the Garbage material we have come to know so well to hook us and at the same time it’s a taster of the newer evolved Garbage you will soon hear on the new album.

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6 stars

Review by EDF

The first single taken from their third album BEAUTIFULGARBAGE finds Garbage in familiar territory. With their trademark guitar and production trickery, this feels more like a track from their first album. Without relying too much on a fuller sound, there is a bit more space for Shirley Manson’s vocals. Going by this track it’s hard to believe that their third album was apparently hard to make. Business as usual.

5 stars

Review by Mark Bayross

Garbage’s comeback single, and the first to be taken from their forthcoming third album BEAUTIFULGARBAGE, is a curious beast.

All the usual elements are there – Shirley Manson’s sultry vocals, flirtatious lyrics, pristine production and a punked-up chorus – but this song is like nothing the band has ever done before. This may be down to the r ‘n’ b style strings that punctuate the verses, the heavily syncopated electronics or the lack of any real resolution at the end.

Whilst it’s undeniably a more commercial sound, it shows that the band has added another dimension to their music. The album should be intriguing and varied at least.

4 stars