Garbage – Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)

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Single Reviews by Nigel A. Messenger and EDF

Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Anybody familiar with Garbage’s latest album BEAUTIFULGARBAGE will know the outstanding track CHERRY LIPS. Certainly one of the best tracks from the album – although it amazes me how anyone could single out one particular track as the best from this outstanding album – this could be a No. 1 hit for the band. On release from January 7th 2002, hopefully it will be clear of the gimmicky Xmas rubbish that once a year record buyers will soak up.

At Garbage’s London Astoria gig, CHERRY LIPS was clearly the best received song from the ‘Beautiful Garbage’ selection.

For those collectors of everything Garbage, there’s half an hour of remixes across the two CD singles and the 12″ vinyl. CD 1 also contains USE ME and CD 2 has ENOUGH IS NEVER ENOUGH.

Buy them all and treat yourself with that spare Xmas money.

6 stars

Review by EDF

One of the best tracks from the BEAUTIFULGARBAGE album, CHERRY LIPS has got everything going for it. Big chorus, catchy tune and even tubular bells as well. Just as memorable as STUPID GIRL, this should be a big hit.

For those who are interested in the remixes, check out HOWIE B REMIX which is closer in spirit to the Garbage sound and the MAUVE’S DARK VOCAL WITH ACCAPELLA MIX which wraps dance beats around the lyrics.

6 stars