Genie – Wildflowers

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Album Review by EDF

One thing about reviewing independent artists is that they sometimes lead more interesting lives than mainstream recording artists. Genie is one of the most unique artists I have come across and her background story is one that would make a fascinating true-life movie. Growing up in rural Texas, Genie’s story is one of loving parents, a tragic family history, abuse, countless ailments, adoption, God, beautiful music and undying love. Through all this, Genie has contributed a lot of money to the hurting and needy and produce the kind of music that allows other people to relax and battle their pain naturally.

The opening track is also the title track. WILDFLOWERS is a touching, reminiscing fondness of picking flowers for her grandmother. Genie’s delicate vocals are complimented by her unobtrusive but noticeable piano playing and her partner’s orchestration work. The piano intro to QUITE PLACE is scarce and fragile and the lyrics will light up the darkest soul. I kid you not. The music is almost epic in structure while retaining a minimalist sound. At face value UNDYING LOVE could be seen as pure slushy nonsense but the fact is that you totally believe Genie for every word she sings. She truly believes in the unbreakable bond of undying love and by the end of the song you have no doubt that this fact is true.

The touching YOU STEAL MY HEART AWAY, dedicated to her future child, makes you wonder why no one writes quality, meaningful songs anymore. The instrumental SAILING ANGELS is the nearest this album gets to sounding like Enya and somehow this track is better than that. The selfish I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE is an intimate tribute to Genie’s partner, Troy Nilsson. Not only is the music relaxing, the instrumental versions of all the songs make up the second half of this CD.

I will admit that this is not the sort of music I usually listen to but I do know quality when I hear it and this album delivers it with ease. Genie comes across as a gentle loving soul, who has a lot to give, even when she is not on the best of forms. Her music is gentle, touching and you would have to be a cynic not to appreciate what Genie is producing. To say that the music is beautiful would be an understatement; if angels had a voice, then this album would be their testimony.

6 stars