Geri Halliwell – Scream If You Wanna Go Faster

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Geri’s second album SCREAM IF YOU WANNA GO FASTER is mostly co-written by Geri and is sure to attract loads of attention if only because of the vast publicity machine surrounding it’s release. For the most part it’s a fairly simple, straightforward album with nothing hugely special, but a couple of tracks do stand out above the rest.

The title track SCREAM IF YOU WANNA GO FASTER is a good start and probably the best track here. Also the cover version of ‘It’s Raining Men’; will certainly wake you up and it’s a pretty good effort considering the strength of the original.

Geri’s previous album SCHIZOPHONIC sold 1.5 million copies worldwide, double platinum in the UK, plus it produced 3 number one singles.

I’m pretty sure this will do just as well as long as Geri continues to put as much effort into her career as she obviously does keeping fit and shaping her body. As an early Spice Girl breakaway attracting quite a bit of adverse publicity, Geri certainly seems to have silenced her critics.

2 stars