Gerling – Dust Me Selecta

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Single Reviews by EDF, Mark Bayross and Kris Griddiths

Review by EDF

Gerling, for those who are not familiar with them, hail from Sydney, Australia and have released a feel good, Deep House, summer track which is taken from their second album, HEADZCLEANER. Whether or not this clicks with the average person on the street, you can guarantee that this will still be big in the clubs.

5 stars

Review by Mark Bayross

Amazingly, this is the same Gerling who brought us the eclectic, if guitar-heavy, debut album CHILDREN OF TELEPATHIC EXPERIENCES two years ago (four if you live in their native Oz). Here, they have completely re-invented themselves with a funky 70s disco number that will have the Pavement fans who loved their earlier stuff choking on their over-priced festival hot dogs.

Still, Gerling have always thrown dance beats into the mix (see ENTER SPACE CAPSULE), so the concept should come as little surprise, even if the end result is a bit of a departure.

Originally released in Australia last year, the single offers an intriguing preview of the sound clash we can expect when their second album HEADZCLEANER hits the racks this summer. Rumour has it, one of their more famous fans, a certain Ms Kylie Minogue, makes a guest appearance, ferchrissake!

4 stars

Review by Kris Griffiths

Aussie three-piece Gerling follow in the footsteps of their compatriots THE AVALANCHES with a happy genre-crossing offering just in time for June. Reminiscent of the latter’s SINCE I LEFT YOU, this track fuses house beats with swirling strings and sampled vocals. The result is a catchy but largely unoriginal toe-tapper that will doubtless be part of someone’s summer soundtrack. Gerling recently shared stage with Garbage and Basement Jaxx during the big Day Out tour, and have been confirmed to play the main arena at the Homelands Festival on 1 June.

3 stars