Goddess Groove – Various Artists

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Album Review by EDF

More otherworldly sounds from those reliable masters of world music, Music Mosaic. This time around, we are treated to a sort of chill-out session featuring female vocalists. The rhythmic melodies are poised and ready to move your heart and lift your spirit or so it says here.

These tracks are more then just Dido type chill out to the sounds of world music. In fact, you can sense and feel the essence of another time and place where everything has reverted back to nature and we are re-discovering everything around us. ‘The Moment’ by INDIVINITY is exactly where our journey begins; where a sweet, floating vocal comes across like a spirit in motion. ‘Shaman’ by SALLY OLDFIELD introduces the mystical shaman, where the repetitive chant transports us to the partaking of a spell. A love song translated as “Mother, my friend”, ‘Y’mana’ by ZEHAVA is a heartfelt and touching song dedicated to an influencal person. The slow, funky, almost orgasmic instrumental groove is how ‘Music Love Makes’, according to silver flutist ARIEL KALMA, who is joined by Ellika Hansen on drifting vocals.

’Burning Love’ is a soulful mix of Hammond keyboards and funky rhythms from YANTRA DE VILDER who brings out the heat of passion. The slow Eastern melody of ‘Siam’ by LIMBORG and BARKI sounds like something from a different world altogether and it is hard not to get swept away by this wonderful track. ‘Lan Gaelach’ by HYPER(BOREA) fails to excite, becoming repetitive within a couple of minutes. DISHA’s drifting vocals on ’Gentle Rain’ becomes a bit dull but thankfully instrumentalist BHAKTA takes this seven-minute track off to another direction.

Each track has apparently been picked as if a goddess is in the guise of innocent child, lover, mother and wise one. It is hard not to be taken away to a different, more relaxing plane of existence, where the hustle of everyday life should make way for the marvels the world has to offer.

5 stars