Good Shoes – We Are Not The Same

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EP Review by Zoe Fox

Originating from Morden, London, Good Shoes are a punk influenced indie rock band made up of four members Joel Cox, Tom Jones (not the legendary), Steve Leach and Rhys Jones.

WE ARE NOT THE SAME is a raw, stuttering guitar driven four-track EP with the kind of sound that leaves you with the feeling they undoubtedly grew up listening to bands like The Jam and The Specials. The whole feel of this EP is fun and vibrant.

There is an energy communicated in the tracks, but its mostly in the title track and Southwest trains that shows this at its best, that can be quite involving and couple that with fairly decent melodies and you’ve got yourself something pretty good.

The downside to it is that it can be a little underwhelming because as much as it is fun and vibrant it’s not new, and it is easy to see the possible influences because so much of the sound is the same, to the point where they don’t really stand out musically.

Nothing necessarily to really shout about but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it, they have some decent stuff that will get most people hooked.

3 stars