The Grid – Put Your Hands Together


Music Review by Samuel Taradash

In the mid-90s, The Grid might have been a well-known name on UK dance floors. But it’s been over 10 years since their last album, and both Dave Ball and Richard Norris have been doing other things.

Reunited in 2005, their efforts finally culminated in the album DOPPELGANGER (release date early 2008), but fans may be wondering how they’ve changed in the last decade. For better or worse, the Grid have stuck close to their sounds from the early days of house music. Their first single, PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER, is a tight piece of dance music, but shows little in the way of innovation or experimentation.

It is a track that seems made for re-mixing, though, and the three versions on the single are worth a spin. Kriss Darang rebuilds the track with more funk. MHC brings it back with more a upbeat flavour, while Paul Jackson strips it down to the basics in order to build to a multi-layered crescendo.

PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER shows that The Grid aren’t too slow off the bench, but they could use a little more work to get up to speed.3 stars