H And Claire – DJ

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Single Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Steps as everyone knows were very successful. They appealed particularly to children but seemed to attract a wide variety of fans. H & Claire are two of the members of the now disbanded Steps and are trying to continue along the same lines, appealing to the same audience.

Their first single DJ is not going to help them in any sense. It’s a mix of elements from a variety of recognisable styles that have been done before on so many levels. It’s only slightly irritating so that’s a plus point but can’t they try at least and be even a little bit original?

The other two tracks on the CD single, OVER YOU and IF I COULD SAY THE WORDS are probably best described as ‘slush’. If they are going to keep releasing stuff at least make it to the Steps level – that really can’t be too much too ask.

1 star