Hed Kandi – Beach House 04.05

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Album Review by EDF

You know the summer is officially here when Hed Kandi releases their yearly BEACH HOUSE collection. These collections usually offer up a piece of sun, sea and sand with the songs they pick. For those that are not familiar with BEACH HOUSE, the songs, while dance orientated, are not the pounding annoying tracks that Ibiza is infamous for. In fact, you could play this anywhere and not believe that you are on a beach somewhere.

The first CD features MALENA – ’Suavamente’ with its Latin feel and vibes that wash back and forth like waves to a beach. Other have a jazzy like feel such as LISA SHAW – ‘Let It Ride’ and even using the word cool is not a quite accurate enough description for some of these tracks. The second CD is more dance orientated without turning your stereo into a nightclub. The songs are more focused like AYA – ‘Sean’ and are great for driving around on a hot summers day with the air-con on.

With Hed Kandi gaining new fans with every release, this collection should add some more to the fold.

5 stars