Hed Kandi – Disco Heaven 01.05

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Album Review by EDF

The first release of 2005 from the clubbing specialist label Hed Kandi is the usually satisfactory DISCO HEAVEN series. The general feel from this series from the Kandi stables is that if heaven had a club, you are bound to hear these tunes there. Disco Heaven is brimming full with house tracks that also captures elements of funk and soul that will take you higher and dare I say it maybe as far up beyond the heavens. Are the tracks good enough to take you there or will they send you crashing back to earth?

If you are not familiar with Hed Kandi product, the tracks are usually extended remixes and are picked especially by the Hed Kandi team. These set of tunes are the usual mix of solid dance beats, soul and funk and the assault on the senses do not stop. Tracks such as STONEBRIDGE’s ‘Take Me Away’ and MICHAEL GRAY’s ‘The Weekend’ will be familiar while the enjoyable Disco feel of SECRET SOUNDS’ ‘Come Back Home’ and SOLITAIRE’s take on the classic ‘You Got The Love’ will not be, this should not stop you from enjoying them. We also find the welcome return of ROACHFORD on MOUSSE T’s ‘Pop Muzak’ and its great to hear a new take on the classic ‘Strings Of Life’ by SOUL CENTRAL. There are also a couple of unexpected covers of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’ by Hed Kandi’s LNM PROJEKT and Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’ by RHYTHME FATAL. It looks like the 1980’s might be gone but not entirely forgotten. With the FREELOADERS’ ‘So Much Love To Give’ being the only track to disappoint, this has got to be one of Hed Kandi’s strongest collections to date.

6 stars