Helalyn Flowers – A Voluntary Coincidence

Music Reviews by Mark Bayross & Natalie Homer

Review by Mark Bayross

Roman duo Max and nOemi unleash their debut album A VOLUNTARY COINCIDENCE after the well-received “Plaestik EP” released earlier this year.

Fusing a range of darkwave, electronic, industrial and Nu-Goth styles into a maelstrom of beats and processed guitars, this is catchy, dancy stuff that is sure to find a home amid the clubs of Germany, Sweden and anywhere else where eyeliner and glowsticks converge. Stand-outs include the impressive I’M HUMAN DEFECTIVE and DGTAL BLOOD, evoking Flesh Field without the stop-start bombast and while occasionally nOemi’s accent breaks through to puncture the effect a bit, I suppose it all adds to the European nature of this kind of sound.

Energetic and fun, this doesn’t break new ground but it will get you onto the dancefloor with a smile on your face.

5 stars

Review by Natalie Homer

Originally a nu-metal outfit, this Italian electro rock/goth duo decided back in 2004 to erase their past and give birth to what they call “electro-alienating beat rock”.

After 2 self-produced singles (DISCONNECTION and E-RACE GENERATION), they signed to ALFA MAX RECORDS and delivered their debut full-length album A VOLUNTARY COINCIDENCE; a showcase of powerful drum beats, cater wailing female vocals, heavy guitars, pulsating bass, atmospheric orchestrations and styled synths.

On first name terms only with their fans, Max (instruments) and N0emi (vocals) hold a wide range of influences ranging from Nu/Goth Metal, Industrial, Alternative, Dark Trip-Hop, Electronic to Synth / Future / Cold Pop.

Looking like a cross between the Italian Courtney Love, a mid-crisis Britney and Amy Winehouse on a good day, N0emi pays homage to BJORK in the track EYE FOR A DAY with strung out vocals that sound like she’s just completed a marathon while MY GIRLFRIEND INSANITY is a nod to DAFT PUNK style dance rock. The album is tears through industrial disco beats to synth pop to good old fashioned heavy house thump.

It’s kitschy, trashy and aggressive by design. If you have a brooding, nocturnal nature this is for you.

2 stars