Hexdragon – Da Boogaloo / Cocaine Psychosis

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Despite the title, I’m not aware of any connection between Hexdragon and Ali “Straight Outta Staines” G, although I could imagine the Homeboy Dennis Pennis growling “Get down and do the boogaloo” over these low-slung beats.

This hip-hop mish-mash of menacing rap, scratches and incongruously grandiose strings, aided and abetted by soulful female backing vocals and a ragga interlude, is a satisfyingly dirty-sounding slab of street-funk.

COCAINE PSYCHOSIS continues with the beats and scratches, although in a slightly more funky, James Brown kinda way, while its fairly self-explanatory “M Dubbs Breakbeat Funk Mix” is a stripped down dub with bits of the original popping up here and there.

As Ali G would say, “Check it…”

4 stars