Holly Valance – State Of Mind

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Album Review by EDF

Holly Valance first hit the scene in 2002 with the classic KISS KISS and the even more memorable video that accompanied it. While it shocked some people, it did get her noticed to the point where people were talking about her. While it might have been a clever ploy to appear nude in the video, this might damage her music career in the long term, as each subsequent single has not done as well as the previous.

So on to her second album and the tracks are now focused in selling Holly Valance as a sex kitten. The album follows the sort of electro dance style that we found on Dannii Minogue’s NEON NIGHTS album that was released earlier this year. The opening tracks are the familiar, enjoyable mixture of dance styles ranging from the modern to early 1990’s dance beats. Not straying too far from what seems like a winning formula, each track sounds like a potential single but this does not mean that the album is going to be a classic. In fact, this is nothing more than an enjoyable pop album and does not try to be anything else.

In fact, Holly sounds like she is the missing link between Dannii and Kylie Minogue and thanks to the songs she is supplied with, she adds a little sexiness to them. Some of the lyrics are predictable but this does not really matter when the songs are half decent. If you are looking for an enjoyable pop album, you just might be slightly surprised by what’s on offer here.

4 stars