Ian Astbury – Spirit/Light/Speed


Album Review by EDF

After I slagged his first single, HIGH TIME AMPLIFIER from this album, I was actually looking forward to reviewing this album. While HIGH TIME AMPLIFIER is the weakest track here, the other tracks are enjoyable in a familiar kind of way.

DEVIL’S MOUTH is a radio friendly track that should be released as a single if this album is going to get any airplay. METAPHYSICAL PISTOL is bizarre enough to be included in any David Lynch movie. There is also a new version of The Cult single THE WITCH that was written by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy. The other tracks on this release are Astbury originals.

SPIRIT/LIGHT/SPEED was recorded with the help of breakbeat master Witchman and long time associate Chris Goss. As an appetizer to the next Cult album, which is scheduled for release in 2001, this should please most Cult/Astbury fans.

3 stars