Infernal – Ten Miles


Music Review by Nigel A. Messenger

I’ll tell you straight off – I love this group and I really think then are totally under-rated. TEN MILES is a perfect example. It’s great track pulled from their album FROM PARIS TO BERLIN. Ring a bell? It should, the albums title track was a huge hit worldwide when it was released as a single.

TEN MILES is a very different piece of music which really demonstrates singer Lina’s strong vocals – she really does have an incredible voice as well as looking gorgeous.

TEN MILES is available as a CD single and digital download. As well as the radio edit a number of mixes are available including the N-Joy Remix, Weekend Wonders Mix, Jack to Life Mix, Spank @ the Mile High Club, DC Dub and my personal favourite of the mixes, DC Mix.

6 stars