Innocence Lost – US Against The World

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EP Review by EDF

Hailing from New Haven, CT, INNOCENCE LOST was formed in 2000 and has built up a fan base by touring state to state at different venues in the US. Citing some of their influences from 80’s rock bands such as BON JOVI and AEROSMITH to the likes of JUDAS PRIEST and PHISH, blue-collar topics is the order of the day.

CAN’T REMEMBER A TIME is a Bon Jovi / Springsteen slow tune reminiscing about love lost. LOVE DON’T COME EASY is another love song of sorts with power chords up front and in your face. Heading up this EP is US AGAINST THE WORLD, a track about a relationship trying to survive against what the world throws against them.

Lead vocalist and songwriter Michael Gallipoli loves his 80’s rock music and it comes across in both his style of writing and singing. While remaining open minded to what’s out there, INNOCENCE LOST has created a sound that every one else has either forsaken or forgotten about.

4 stars