Invisible Movie Soundtrack – Various Artists

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Album Review by EDF

Independent label Blumpkin Nation’s first release is a soundtrack album of sorts, featuring music to a movie that no one will ever see. It sounds more like they just pieced some tracks together but nevertheless ignoring the concept this is an interesting compilation that covers a wide range of genres.

The ‘soundtrack’ begins with a repetitive Rhodes Piano instrumental hook, which then melts into a mix of reggae and the Beatles on SHE SINGS TO ME. The nu-soul like DARWIN features Lydia from Mothers Favorite Child on vocals, also signed to Blumpkin Nation. In fact Lydia’s lush vocals can be found all over the album, giving it a feel of continuity.

Another vocalist featured is Scotty Vercoe, who can be found on the jazzy EZ GIRL and Joy on DISAPPEAR. PRAMAHNA turns the mood around with its Latin influence, making it one of the highlight tracks on the album. There are alternative rock tracks that also features Lydia on LAKE and GREEN SONG #5, proving that she can sing in any genre.

This is quite an unusual album for the range of music that is featured and mixed in with the mini instrumental breaks between tracks, gives the album more of an air of mystery. Most movies build up to a climax although it is quite hard to find anything similar here, as most of the tracks are quite smooth to listen to. On the other hand, it does not overly excite and is actually one of the pitfalls when using the word soundtrack as part of a concept album.

4 stars