Iron Maiden – Brave New World

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Album Review by EDF

On the go for twenty years, this release sees Bruce Dickinson returning to take over as lead vocalist. Just as well as there are not many British metal acts that have lasted this long. You get a sense that Maiden without Dickinson and Dickinson as a solo artist will never be as successful without the other.

THE WICKER MAN kicks the album off with a typical classic Maiden tale with a cast that includes ‘the piper at the gates of dawn’ and the ferryman who ‘wants his money’. Maiden through the years have never bowed down to conventional heavy metal songs featuring those old reliables – sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll. Here they continue producing epic tracks such as BLOOD BROTHERS and THE NOMAD.

As this is business as usual for Maiden, it is good to see that they can keep the music fresh without betraying the fans.

5 stars