I:Scintilla – Optics

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Music Review by Natalie Homer

Discovered in 2006 by industrial/electro goth rock Belgian label ALFA MATRIX, I:SCINTILLA, Illinois-based 2 male/2 female quartet continue their musical ascension with their first full album release OPTICS, a blend of industrial beats and moody creations. The cadenced voice of female singer BRITTANY BINDRIM draws comparisons to GARBAGE and EVANESCENCE while intricate layers of and dominating electro synth lines bring them closer to the feel of artists like GRAVITY KILLS, STABBING WESTWARD, WHITE ZOMBIE or even NINE INCH NAILS.

Pulsating and furious, I:SCINTILLA delivers hard-edged industrial and electro beats with brittle guitars and soft rhythmic female vocal. Noteworthy is the track THE BELLS for its funky, pounding bass lines as is MELT with its bouncy synth driven future pop vibe. Put your steel-capped stomping boots on for HARVESTER, a throwback to the heyday of guitar-industrial romps. My favourite is ULTRAVIOLETFLY – catchy, melodious and strangely hypnotic.

According to the record label, I:SCINTILLA has made a significant impact on the American electronic/industrial music scene in a relatively short amount of time. Addicted to a relentless schedule of performing and recording, the band has built a strong fanbase in no time and managed to sell over 1000 copies of their self-released debut album without the help of any label or distributor. I don’t know about statistics but these guys sound like they mean business and are enjoying every minute of it.

4 stars