IV Thieves – The Day Is A Downer

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EP Review by Mark Bayross

Coming from Nottingham via Austin, Texas, and beloved of Noel Gallagher, IV Thieves draw a line from The Beatles through Oasis, four lads with an ear for melody and a knack for articulating the short comings of modern living.

This three track EP serves as an introduction to their forthcoming album and sounds as you might expect – the sunny, jangly guitar pop of the title track and the staccato strum of CATASTROPHE evoking the The La’s and Razorlight respectively. It’s all a bit average, really, until the fantastic final song CHASE ME OFF / OUT raises the bar considerably as it whips itself into a frenzy of squalling feedback, Ride / Verve style.

Reading this back, I think I’ve given away my age a bit here. Oh well, as always, it comes down to personal taste…and there’s plenty for fans of the above mentioned bands to enjoy.

4 stars