Jake Williams – Blue Head Blue Heart

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Album Review by EDF

Originally from Denton, Texas, Jake Williams studied and received a music degree in classical guitar but his main interest was in the local rock music scene. After involving himself with a number of local bands to some acclaim, he decided the time was right to record his first solo album. Here, Williams covers a range of themes from love, death, wanting and loss.

That range covers the like of ending a relationship because “you sang your song of lies” on DUMPED. One of the funniest titles in years has got to be ALL I WANT TO BE IS YOUR STARSHIP CAPTAIN which is a love song of sorts. BLUE WORLD, one of three tracks featuring the word blue in the title, is one of those boy meets girl, gets married and dies type of tunes with a lazy harmonica, capturing that world drifting by feeling.

HEADBANGER is Williams’ way of describing the sensation of being in love. The title track, BLUE HEAD BLUE HEART is all about death and would not be out of place on the hit TV series SIX FEET UNDER. The last track on the album, BLUEBIRD finishes on what at first sounds like a happy tune but Williams notices, “the bluebirds, they sang when you left”.

The tracks are mostly slow building acoustic blues with a hint of Tom Waits. While the subject matter may at times seem a bit too much to handle, the slight rough edge to each track makes this more enjoyable than it should be.

4 stars