Jamison Young – Shifting Sands Of A Blue Car

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Album Review by EDF

This is quite refreshing. Jamison Young comes from Sydney, Australia and writes what is best described as electro-folk songs. Jamison’s electronic sounds are featured more in the background, which brings out a melancholy feel to the proceedings and compliments his songs nicely.

HOW FAR is about escaping from the place that is familiar to you. CRUSH is one of the highlights on the album and is best described as a Dido style chill-out track. TOP OF THE HILL, which is so chilled out, is best heard after a few smokes if only to enhance the amount of space found in this unique sounding track. SOLDIERS OF HAPPINESS musically is breezy and happy but the lyrics are not. Not many artists would try that and is in fact a brave thing for Jamison to do.

LIVE ON A MOON sounds like a Roger Waters out-take from the Pink Floyd album THE WALL. COLD WORLD is another dark piece but thankfully we move away to the melancholic STEPS BEYOND. The music here is sparse and suits Jamison’s voice. At times, this turns into a tripper, of the floating kind, album.

At times, Jamison reminds me of Beth Orton both musically and vocally. While Jamison might not have the world’s greatest voice, his approach to his music is interesting and the kind of songs he is producing is not quite similar to what his contemporaries are doing. It will indeed be interesting to see how Jamison will follow this album up but for now enjoy and spread the word.

5 stars