JJ72 – Oxygen

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

After Muse and Coldplay, JJ72 are the next bunch of barely-out-of-their-teens indie hopefuls to fill student bedsits with elegiac, angst-filled epics. Although this single boasts all the familiar ingredients – strings, soaring choruses and loads of reverb-drenched guitar, OXYGEN’S positivity and catchiness is actually a breath of fresh air.

Mark Greaney’s slightly off-key vocals celebrate the cloud nine state in which he finds himself with his other half (“We don’t need oxygen…”) and everything’s fine and dandy. It’s all over in 3½ minutes, and not a creep or paranoid android in sight.

The Dublin three piece may just see this, and their forthcoming self-titled debut album, give them even more to smile about.

4 stars