JJ72 – Snow

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Single Reviews by Mark Bayross


I reviewed SNOW last year (see below) when it was first released and JJ72 were a fairly unknown three-piece from Dublin. Since then, they have garnered a respectable amount of press interest, toured extensively, and had their self-titled debut album go Top 20.

Timed to coincide with the band’s NME tour with punk-metal stage-trashers Amen, this re-release comes on two CDs and includes the video to the band’s breakthrough hit OXYGEN. Also among the B-sides are the gently strummed WOUNDED and the original demo of SURRENDER.

Quite how all this six-string poignancy will sit alongside all the blood and noise of Amen beggars belief. Better get along to venue near you and find out…

3 stars

(Original release)

JJ72’s second single SNOW is a highly effective piece of power-pop. The Dublin three piece seem to have quickly discovered how to craft tunes that sound melodic and expansive. The production by Ian Caple (Tricky, Tindersticks) is polished, adding drama to Mark Greaney’s soaring vocals.

Second track, WILLOW is a string-backed acoustic number that’s as pretty as it is simple, but somehow underwhelming, while the instrumental FRESH WATER is more upbeat, laden with guitar effects that create a psychedelic feel similar to early Verve or Ride.

There’s a far amount of variety here in the space of three songs – it’s still early days for the band, and they are trying to impress with their range. Still, it’s nothing new and, although well executed, not particularly interesting.

3 stars