Joi – We Are Three

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Album Review by EDF

Here is another interesting release from the Real World label. This time we have a loosely sounding Asian influenced mostly instrumental tracks.

Starting off with JOURNEY, the track sounds like it was written on a home PC but then builds up to steady beat with traditional instruments added to the rhythm track. PREM is the sort of track that is graced by traditional vocal workout that would easily be a hit if it had Moby’s name attached to it.

The Shamsher brothers have a knack of mixing the old world with the new world. Whether it’s the dance floor beats mixed with sitars or the catchy hook-lines that will grab at your senses, this is one of those albums for people who want to branch out from the mainstream ambient releases and discover something alternative.

DEEP ASIAN VIBES could easily become a big hit if it crossed over to the dance floor. There is such a good range of music here, and as Joi are actually from London, they deserve to get recognized. As always, time will tell if the general public will take to them.

5 stars