JT Money – Pimpin’ On Wax

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Pimps. Niggas. Bitches. Hos. If any of this causes offence, this is not for you. As the title of this album suggests, JT Money, half of rap duo Poison Clan, has not made an album of sweet little ditties about How He Found God. Nonetheless, he has had some success in that most reactionary of God-fearing nations: his single WHO DAT hit No.1 in the US this summer.

This is x-rated porno gangster rap, the kind whose lyrics could make even Ices T and Cube blush. Subject material here ranges from smoking dope (DANK), shagging prostitutes (HO PROBLEMS) to just plain old shagging (ON DA GRIND). JT Money cusses his way through the proceedings like he’s being sponsored for every time he says “nigga”, while his crew do an admirable job backing him up with some well-chosen “bitch” and “motherfucker” lines.

By contrast, the music ranges from attractive strings (PLAYA ASS SHIT, ALRIGHT) to chilled out guitar (KITE TO DA BOYZ) to Starsky and Hutch-style 70s funk (ON DA GRIND”). There are also two rather inspired moments – the spoken word POETRY MOMENT (although that’s also about shagging) – and the hilarious PIMP MATRIMONY, where a pimp and his “beeyatch” are wed over a rapped HERE COMES THE BRIDE.

I have to admit, this is funny in places (particularly PIMP MATRIMONY), but the relentless swearing does become a bit monotonous. I suppose this is a gangster rap equivalent of a concept album – and the concept here is to sound like Huggy Bear with tourette’s.

3 stars