Justin Timberlake – Justified

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Album Review by Francesca Piralla

He’s the front man of one of the biggest boy-band in the States, he allegedly had an affair with Janet Jackson and he allegedly confessed to a fellow passenger on a plane “Britney is not a virgin and believe me I should know”. Whether it was his relationship with Britney Spears or the success with N*Sync to make him stand out from the crowd of pop stars I don’t know, but Justin Timberlake is definitely talented. At only 21 he co-wrote all the lyrics in just six weeks and US critics have already compared him to Prince and Michael Jackson.

Justin’s command of various musical genres and his dance moves only compliment his great vocal skills and send him flying to superstardom. His style is difficult to classify, but the seventies and eighties influences are easy to spot as well as the Hip-hop beat.

The first single from this album, LIKE I LOVE YOU, was produced by the Neptunes, who have also produced for Jay-Z, Mystical, Mary J Blige and other big R&B artists. The best tracks are the more up-beat ones such as LIKE I LOVE YOU, ROCK YOUR BODY, LAST NIGHT and TAKE ME NOW, which are also good party tracks.

JUSTIFIED is Justin’s debut solo album and if it’s is anything to go by, we’ll see a lot more of this guy. I can’t wait.

4 stars