Jusvon – I’m Jusvon

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Album Review by EDF

Now this is class. Coming from the city of Watts in the US, JusVon grew up with the blues. He began playing drums at the age of 3 and eleven years later ended up in a recording studio with Taj-Mahal. He eventually went on to play with legends such as ZZ Hill, The Drifters, Percy Sledge and The Platters. He went on to tour with the likes of Otis Clay but it’s his voice that is on show here. His vocals have been described as a mix between Otis Redding, Buddy Ace and Wilson Pickett. One thing that is obvious listening to this is that it has been a while since we have been treated to a vocal performance of this calibre.

JusVon describes his music as neo-Blues, neo-Ballads and neo-Soul and these three descriptions best sum up what to expect here. The neo-Ballads tracks are represented by I DON’T UNDERSTAND ME, TIME TO MOVE ON and WHAT CHANGED YOUR MIND, which you could imagine the late Barry White performing. We even have a bit of slow 70’s funk in the form of SHE AIN’T GIVIN UP NO LOVE and DO IT TOGETHER.

The suggestive FIX IT MAN, ROOT DOCTOR and HERE COMES THE FOOL best represent the neo-Blues. JusVon has an enduring quality to his vocal interpretation of these tracks that will make you go back and play this album again and again. It is hard to believe that this is a debut album.

5 stars