Kajagoogoo And Kaja – Back Catalogue

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Album Review by EDF

The 1980’s will live forever. To prove the point, EMI have re-released the Kajagoogoo back catalogue for those of us that want to relive the days of dodgy hair, shoulder pads and make-up, usually worn by both sexes. Kajagoogoo burst onto the scene in early 1983 with a ridiculously catchy number; TOO SHY was to become their debut number one single. Lead singer Limahl (Chris Hamill) was easy on the eyes and caused the hearts of teenage girls to skip a beat. Their debut album WHITE FEATHER was produced by Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes and is mostly a dated synthesiser affair. Most of the songs including their No. 7 single OOH TO BE AH are forgettable with only the title track and HANG ON NOW, a track that begs to be rediscovered, being the only tracks that are memorable.

Limahl left the group shortly after and pursued a short lived solo career while the rest of the group continued on and released their first Limahl-less single late 1983. BIG APPLE was a mix of funk and pop but it was the last time the group found themselves in the Top Ten. In fact the overall sound on the album is a departure from the mostly synth sounding debut. The songwriting proved that the group had moved on but they failed to build up their audience.

After some personnel changes, the group shortened their name to Kaja and released their final album in 1985. CRAZY PEOPLES RIGHT TO SPEAK was a more mixed affair then the previous album but suffers from a clean commercial production. The songs are not as catch either and you can imagine that the songs were pieced together in the studio. Touring had also taken its toll on the group and they broke up shortly after. These reissued albums are full of remixes and b-sides but this will only be sought out by fans that cannot remember the 1980’s.


ISLANDS  4 stars