Katy Rose – Overdrive


Single Review by Nigel A. Messenger

OVERDRIVE is the debut single from Katy Rose and is taken from her forthcoming album BECAUSE I CAN and is also featured in the movie THIRTEEN. I have to admit that when I received the four track album sampler from the record company that I’m reviewing the single from I just thought that I was about to listen to another bland song from a new artist who was being promoted because she’s pretty and lets face it hot babes sell records – it’s just a fact.

How wrong I was! I put the CD on and literally froze. Katy Rose is original, she writes lyrics that you really want to listen to, her voice has an infectious energy and her music is powerful – falling somewhere into rock / pop with the kind of edginess you get in what used to be new wave. You could make comparisons with artists like Liz Phar and Michelle Branch and yet Katy has her own unique quality.

As well as the single OVERDRIVE the album sampler also featured the tracks VACATION, CATCH MY FALL and I LIKE. All sensational – all making the prospect of the forthcoming album mouth-watering.

6 stars