Keep It Real – Various Artists

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Album Review by EDF

One of the promotional tools that major record companies do not action is the release of compilation albums featuring artists that are on their roster. This is something that some of the smaller indie companies can proceed with and at times the results can be quite refreshing. Two companies in Connecticut have gotten together to promote the local music scene there. LaSmouve Productions Inc. handles the music while Terrelonge Recordings takes care of the marketing.

This compilation mostly features R&B / hip-hop artists who, for the most part, actually could give the more well established artists a run for their money. The start of this compilation features some slow smooth R&B tracks from the likes of NORMAN THOMAS, MISDUMENG and SIMON TARRELL. The title track of this release, KEEP IT REAL by Michelle is as good as anything from the members of Destiny’s Child.

One of the most disconcerting things is that listening to Nakita Johnson is a bit like sailing on a boat in rough waters. With only that as more of an observation than a criticism, if you are a lover of smooth R&B, than this is worth checking out.

5 stars