The Kills – Fried My Little Brains

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Single Review by Adam Foster

There are a few reasons why this seems to be the natural choice for the first single from the Kills’ debut album: first, the Led Zeppelin-like riff (a la WHOLE LOTTA LOVE) which underpins the whole thing; second, the irritatingly unforgettable “Fried my little brains” refrain; and third, it is broadcastable – unlike, for example, the superior FUCK THE PEOPLE or BLACK ROOSTER from the same album.

There’s something enormously beguiling about Hotel’s guitar playing: it is the power behind the songs, muscular and raucous, deceptively simple, and accessible enough to make you pick up the nearest long-handled object – frying pan, tennis racket, cricket bat – and play air guitar like you haven’t since you were twelve. Maybe that’s the Suzy Quattro influence, but it works.

As a result, FRIED MY LITTLE BRAINS is a compelling single, and a perfect exemplar of the Kills’ art (power chords, driving rhythms, VV and Hotel’s voices working the song in a strong partnership) but it is not the strongest track on the album. WAIT, with its insanely catchy vocal hook, or HITCHED might have made better singles – and may yet do so.

But this will get airplay. If you hear it, and like it, waste no time: buy the album. If you don’t hear it, take my word: buy the album anyway. It’s a grower.

4 stars